create disorder

See: disrupt
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Salem Saeed Kubaish, theUAE's Attoney General, said earlier this month: "The group was started with a motive to carry out terrorist attacks in the UAE, create disorder and endanger the country's security, peace and lives of its people including their leaders.
To this, Irani retaliated by writing in several tweets, "Yesterday u told NSUI to create disorder where there is order.
She also said, "yesterday u (you) told NSUI to create disorder where there is order.
I hope today's sentencing sends out a clear message to those who commit such crime, and create disorder - they will be subject to a swift and thorough investigation.
The increase in the representation would not create disorder, but bring pluralism," said Tanrykulu, Ay-baba and Tekin.
KARACHI -- Vice Chairman of the Cotton Ginners Association Sindh Prem Chund Saturday expressed concern that agitation calls by PTI Chairman Imran Khan and PAT chief Tahir-ul-Qadri may create disorder and affect economic environment in the country.
It shouldn't be allowed to resume work because it will create disorder again.
It is a different thing when you protest and when you create disorder.
Every possible state instrument and resource will be deployed to defeat and frustrate all or any nefarious attempt to create disorder in our peaceful life and living.
Again, a group of students feels they have the right to create disorder, damage property, interrupt the traffic and generate violence in Santiago," Interior Minister Andres Chadwick, told reporters.
Additionally, chances are high that Tehran will push pilgrims from other countries to create disorder or to protest against the Saudi security so that Iran will not be singled out as the only party to the conflict according to Al-Ubeidi.
The security forces are capable of repelling Taliban's assaults and we will not allow them to create disorder in the province," Gen.