create strife

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The lawyer accused RNN of spreading false news to create strife between factions of the Egyptian society and their political leaders.
NNA - Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, disclosed that "conspiracy to create strife with the Palestinians and Syrian refugees was behind the terrorist attack on Thursday.
He said that the war against Syria which employs terrorism seeks to fragment the Syrian social fabric, but the cohesion of Syria's society with its tolerance, moderation, and openness foiled all attempts to create strife among its members.
To create strife between the two," Daher said in a news conference from his home in Tripoli.
The ministry expressed concern over the increasing blasts that target mosques and innocent worshippers and aim to undermine security and create strife and sectarianism.
Pakistan denounces all such organizations, which are plotting and machinating to create strife, conflict and insurgency on its soil.
This is the work of agents trying to create strife in Lebanon," Hezbollah parliamentary deputy Ali Mekdad said at the site of the explosion.
It is impossible for those who are trying to create strife and animosity to not know that Erdoy-an and GE-len have already met several times before.
Israel's gang is also trying to use the connection of some Coptic emigrants with the despicable movie in order to create strife between the Muslims and the Copts in Egypt.
They called the move an "exposed plot" to "assassinate" Kasha, who is a prominent Darfuri symbol, and in the process to create strife between the states of South and East Darfur.
The sensitivity of the circumstances calls on us to act reasonably to prevent those seeking to create strife from achieving their goals.