create the impression

See: appear, demean
References in classic literature ?
She took snuff in such quantities as to create the impression that she owed the saffron of her lips and the adjacent parts to this circumstance; but it was the unvarying color of her whole face.
Effort is put to create the impression that everything is staged but unfortunately the "guns" and murder of innocent victims are realistic, Grumar concludes.
Thus, sounds associated with the auditory representation can impact the numeric value associated with the analog representation-that is, small sounds can create the impression of big deals," the authors said.
The front-end styling helps create the impression that the Golf Estate is both lower and wider, and there''s revised rear lights.
Summary: The National Liberal Party (NLP) denounced what it called "ongoing attempts of the Syrian government to create the impression that Lebanon was a refuge for terrorist factions" on Friday.
I know it seems to create the impression they can serve for life now,'' Sonenshein said.
The last thing I would want to do is to create the impression that sectarianism came from only one side of the community.
Young musicians who aren't inherently out of their minds go to great lengths to cultivate Beverly Hillbilly--like personas and create the impression that their only influences are nonmusical--say, the rustling of trees or the yells of their alcoholic parents.
75m wide are used to create the impression of a solid, monolithic structure, like some weathered archaeological relic.
B succinctly affirms: "Choreographic movement is an end in itself, and its only purpose is to create the impression of intensity and beauty.
There is an Italian comedian who performs from inside the trench," Berlusconi said in a recent interview, "to create the impression of a devilish dwarf.
Leaders who use only broad strokes to create the impression that wars unfold in neat sequences (enemy identified; enemy overthrown; energies of previously captive peoples unleashed; democracy reigns; security established), however, are not leading well.