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Collection development for others has been another major function, with many other academic virtual libraries using iVia/INFOMINE as a resource discovery service for their own collection-building efforts, iVia/INFOMINE is also used by librarians in creating Web-based subject guides or pathfinders in various subjects (this is facilitated through using our "canned search" generator and MyI field), as well as by faculty creating Web resource modules on their course pages in support of curriculum units.
The project supports women in creating community-based interventions in domestic and sexual violence.
Hillside gardening presents a unique challenge: Creating an attractive space that's accessible and won't make the hill come tumbling down.
263(a)-4(d) provides an exclusive list of eight categories of items that must be capitalized as creating an intangible.
During the year, the decision to return and meet by grade levels helped forge relationships with individual teachers, creating a more open environment for dialogue and honesty.
This technique significantly speeded up the process of creating the notes in this study and was a major factor in gaining physician acceptance in the use of SD.
To review, creating a full and complete disk image is the best way to create a backup of a system disk, be it on a Windows 2000 server or on a Windows 95/95/XP/2000 desktop.
At Northern Valley Regional High School District in New Jersey, students, like Oleri, in HyperMedia classes are learning and creating multimedia projects.
You can embed an Excel spreadsheet in a PowerPoint slide, thus actually creating a fully functioning worksheet while you're working in PowerPoint.
In fact, the two companies had argued against the industry creating an MLS.
Federal health planning legislation adopted creating certificate-of-need.

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