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Te Velde reflects positively about recovery of a creational vocabulary:
This makes clear that this earthly homeland as such does not fit God's original creational intentions nor does it belong to his kingdom for the "age to come.
However, this concept of the unrestrained creational power of the people poses a serious threat to the stability of the political order, and, contrary to the interpretations of Schmitt as the theorist of unrestrained decisionism, he was quite aware of this.
With fingers outstretched and a perpetual smile, Yet retaining the elegance of creational style.
And a little later, at the beginning of the 19th century, the German philosopher Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768-1834) who established modern hermeneutics as a general scientific discipline said that "understanding a text is the capability to reproduce its creational process" (Stjernfelt 2008).
The Creational Context of Law before Sinai: Law and Liberty in Pre-Sinai Narratives and Romans 7.
Amidst this creational impulse, Ferdinand acknowledges providence's blessings.
Instructions and code are provided for two creational patterns, three structural patterns, five behavioral patterns, the model-view-controller pattern, and a symmetric proxy pattern incorporating multiple patterns.
Bradford Lee Eden explains that "Tolkien knew and recognized the importance of music as an anthropomorphic reality and creational material in many mythologies" (183).
Ours is the very first generation, Jonas insists, to have to face the question of basic creational survival.
From a simple duet played with a close friend arose that feeling of concert, of creational well-being that musicians know that lifts up bodies and minds.
Or all sentient beings, with none having greater value in the creational mysteries of life?