creative genius

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His was deliberate creative genius, and, before he began a story or poem, the thing itself was already alive in his brain, with the end in sight and the means of realizing that end in his conscious possession.
By this time it had become evident, both to his parents and to his friends, that young Graham was destined to become some sort of a creative genius.
More worrisome is the statement that the brand issued to clear their stance by ignorantly defending their creative genius rather than issuing an apology.
There's the odd moment of creative genius and it's amiable and distracting enough that you'll sit fairly comfortably throughout.
30 paintings representing four of twelve periods of creative genius of Ukrainian artist introduce the European community to Ivan Marchuks ideological system, rooted in high aesthetics.
Good ideas aren't born overnight and, as Miyake's chronology proves, creative genius stems from lifelong cultivation.
In keeping with his interests in travel and other cultures, Weiner researches circumstances of genius with an eye to exploring its geographic connections and presence, offering a survey that traverses history and place to examine how creative genius is fostered so that ingenuity takes place.
MALACANANG has extended its congratulations to filmmaker Ronnie del Carmen on the victory of the animated film, Inside Out, at the 88th Academy Awards, saying he showed the talent and creative genius of the Filipino.
The reality, however, is that when an organisation launches an innovation initiative and the people are now challenged to come up with great ideas, the complaint that usually surfaces is that "we only received mediocre and 'me too' ideas", while the expectation was that some creative genius will come up with a brilliant idea.
Thanks to the efforts of conductor Barry Collett we now have a chance to hear these charming little works - often quirkily scored - which provide a fascinating sidelight on Elgar's creative genius.
28 and offer students an opportunity to embrace the harvest by participating in ancient traditions, honing their creative genius and just plain having fun.
New Delhi, Oct 24 ( ANI ): President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday condoled the passing of legendary singer Manna Dey, saying the nation has lost a creative genius who mesmerized listeners with his enchanting voice.

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