creative worker

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As a creative worker who specializes in China's recording art, and whose unique visual language stands out among the crowd, Cheng Ran has become one of the best candidates for handling individualized elements.
In this manner, it is possible for any worker in any industry to be viewed as a creative worker.
Firstly, social environment is the background for individual creativeness, within which an individual appears as a creative worker in a broad sense and as a creator in a narrow sense.
Doyle said: "As a creative worker, whether that is a performer or writer or someone in film and TV, it is vital to always have opportunities to keep your skills updated.
He develops the related issue of social movement unionism to signal the importance of wider creative worker strategies that seek to bridge community concerns, household and gender networks, and local and/or regional economic (and social) arrangements.
A management philosophy that sets parameters but encourages solutions by the rank-and-file is infinitely more desirable than a system that discourages, albeit unintentionally, the innovative and creative worker.
In Disney/Pixar's "A Bug's Life," players guide the creative worker ant, Flik, through nine side-scrolling levels filled with action and puzzles.
95) introduces players to Flik, the creative worker ant who must perform a series of heroic tasks to prove himself and gain the acceptance of his ant colony.
This reconfiguration takes into account the needs of solo creative workers.
We believe this partnership will produce a transformative mixed-use development in one of the nation's foremost destinations for today's creative workers and new economy companies.
Nick Denton, the founder and chief executive of Gawker, had taken a neutral position on the vote and afterward told the Times, "The creative workers of the Internet are a force.
Planning is important because it helps creative workers find focus and use their time wisely.