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Expert Cormac Bourke told a Belfast coroner's hearing: "It demonstrates the skill of its maker in working creatively and conservatively with precious metal on a fine scale.
Using the mathematical programming skills that had been taught to them during the first half of the course, students were required to creatively build robots using Lego Mindstorm Robots in the second half, and programme them to perform certain functions.
has been the source of the finest creatively crafted cheeses, bringing innovation and tradition to the art of cheese making," said Susan Burris, Castello[sup.
The students have responded brilliantly and it's good to see them working so creatively and using their imaginations.
5% for a two year term, and was creatively structured to overcome a forbearance agreement obstacle within a TOE transaction time constraint.
Rather than simply looking at the works, visitors are encouraged to interact with the art by posing creatively to help bring the scenarios depicted in the paintings to life.
He said: "We use knives safely and creatively to make everything from a spoon to a fire.
We need truly holistic and joined-up thinking to develop schools creatively as community assets.
Creatively authored and with sensational paintings created in the traditional Indian wash technique, Ram The Demon Slayer carries its young readers through the mesmerizing tale of Vishnu's incarnation as the human prince Ram in combat of the evil ten-headed demon king, Ravana.
Fun and effective, Fantastic Four Workouts is very highly recommended for its superb production values and complete coverage of Christi Taylor's exercise routines in a double-disk DVD compiling 300 minutes of enthusiastic, music accompanied, and creatively styled workouts--complete with warm-ups, cool-downs, and bloopers
Pupils from Normanby Primary School have been taking part in a Thinking Skills week, with the aim of encouraging them to think more creatively.
Creatively authored by Ioanna Karystiani and expertly translated by Michael Eleftheriou, The Jasmine Isle is a conceptual and metaphorical tale of contemporary Greek literature.