creature of habit

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Aug 24-Sep 22 VIRGO YOU'RE a creature of habit, but it's time to shake up the old routine.
Fact is, when it comes to software I am a creature of habit, preferring the tried and true over the unknown.
RACHEL WYNN JONES : I am a real creature of habit so I listen to the radio in the morning so that it wakes me up and tells me what is happening in the UK and the world at large.
And that look in his eyes that it's hard to disguise tells me "I am a creature of habit, and you well know that I'm always ready on time for my lamb, beef, chiken or rabbit.
In the achievement of these goals, I have to remember that I am essentially a creature of habit.
He was a creature of habit," said Rachel Knight, prosecuting at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court.
If you are a creature of habit and particularly enjoy the same types of exercise, a good way to continually stress the body is to keep a record of what you have done and try to improve it every time.
Sergeant Scott Brown said: "It is not known how she got to Braehead as she is a creature of habit and it is not normally somewhere she would go.
Creature of habit John Dunlop always has his team firing early, and Times Up, who showed progressive form in a some fiercely contested handicaps last season, appeals strongly to make a winning reappearance in tomorrow's Doncaster Shield.
He was a creature of habit, Davies who would be out early with his dog," he asked.
The officer said: "This woman is a creature of habit and her daily pattern has up to now been the very same.