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However, particularly in its initial stage his Loci communes theologici shows the marks of Luther's thinking as well, combining the ancient credal outline--topics relating to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit--with the presupposition that God's Word had to be applied to people's lives according to Luther's distinction of law and gospel.
acknowledges, there remain serious problems with religious experiences which need credal and community discernment to adjudicate between conflicting religious and moral claims based on them.
Contrary to a widespread interpretation, Wittgenstein did not regard credal statements as merely metaphorical expressions of an attitude towards life.
In the Council we have conducted extensive studies on the Apostles Creed; why are the churches not yet disposed to accept it as the credal basis of their ecclesial unity?
41 As in the Mal Mantra, the basic credal statement with which the Adi Granth begins.
It was the evangelical experience that mattered and not credal orthodoxy.
That language, with all the depth and subtlety of its philosophical resources was to hand when it was most needed for the vital credal and conciliar definitions of Trinitarian and Christological faith.
Drawing on the three primary media of cathedral art--painting (the Isenheim altarpiece), sculpture (Fenwick Lawson's 'Pieta' at Durham) and stained glass (Gabriel Loire's little known windows at St Mary's College, Twickenham), she showed, with exemplary clarity and detail, not merely how all three genres can adapt to cultural and credal change without losing continuity or coherence, while also suggesting that 'at its best great Christian art combines the particularity of the story of Christ with the universality of the human condition, so that it transcends the limitations of time and space'.
Certainly, a logocentrically oriented credal system, diametrically opposed to late medieval and overly reified incarnationalism, remained "at the heart of Calvinist revolutionary ideology"; concurrently, however, the prevailing view among Catholics and Protestants that the other faction had polluted the notion of the body social and had become threats to their respective conceptions of ordered society (29) began to nourish a developing political stance.
Can it be that Stephen and his adherents extend their approval even to this baptism, especially as it came complete with Trinitarian credal formula and the legitimate invocation of the Church?
Questions of dress and other sumptuary regulations, credal formulations and their absence, church architecture, rituals and ritualized practices, principles respecting everything from Sunday schools to participation in the nation's wars -- all these and many other elements of collective distinction in the history of the Church of the Brethren are viewed as though they were the things really on the minds of the people who quarrelled about them.
119) Ibn Abd al-Wahhab even distinguishes between what may be termed as injustice because of social and economic inequities, and credal injustice (zulm al-amwal and zulm al-shirk, literally, the injustice of wealth and that of association).