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Then I continued in a southerly direction along the coast toward the village of Thuria, where I hoped to find Goork and deliver to him my credentials.
CISSPs who are interested in learning more about obtaining their ISSAP credential should contact (ISC)2 at 866-462-4777 (toll-free within the U.
Instead of embarking on this speculative and impractical adventure, the AICPA will better serve its members by devoting its resources to further enhancing the well-established and well-recognized CPA credential.
This was asserted as unfair to teachers who have some credential that arguably should be afforded more 'dignity' than an emergency credential,'' the judge wrote.
The fate of the global business credential rests in the hands of the AICPA membership.
Later this fall, members will be asked to vote on the establishment of a new global business credential being developed by an international consortium of accounting organizations that includes the AICPA.
Those who earn the new credential must complete IREM courses, pass a certification exam and adhere to the IREM Code of Professional Ethics.
Whether practitioners know it or not, PFP is one of their core competencies, and the AICPA's PFS designation is the only PFP credential specifically designed for CPAs.
By integrating the TriCipher Armored Credential System (TACS) solution with the Authentify service, the companies will create the first integrated authentication solution that combines the ability to issue multiple credential types from a single infrastructure with secure, voice-based authentication.
Provide IT section members and Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) credential holders with resources to help them enhance their competency and allow them to share best practices.
CPAs with a certified information technology professional credential from the AICPA can distinguish themselves by bridging business and technology in a manner that non-CPAs cannot.
The Accredited in Business Valuation credential committee has announced that the ABV examination will be offered twice per year now, giving ABV credential candidates more flexibility in fulfilling this aspect of the credentialing process.