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It will streamline the credentialing process and enable credentialing of physicians in a more timely manner;
Credentialing is important for several reasons; federal, state, or local law may require specific credentials to legally perform some jobs; employers may choose to hire only employees who have certain credentials, or to pay those employees more; credentials may improve an employee's prospects for promotion; credentialed service members demonstrate to prospective civilian employers that their skills are on par with their civilian peers; and civilian credentialing can contribute to military career development and may be accepted for self-development requirements and in performance evaluations.
The strong usage statistics on Navy COOL indicate that Sailors are very interested in taking advantage of credentialing opportunities to build their professional qualifications," Frizzell said.
The Universal Credentialing Data Source, a project spearheaded by the Washington, D.
It is wise to imbed specific language in the department's credentialing and orienting processes to prevent and mitigate problems involving disruptive behavior.
This view is echoed in other literature, particularly in discussions of: (a) title transition, (b) professional preparation, (c) credentialing, and (d) professional associations.
This 388 page updated manual is focused on credentialing issues, forms, and criteria for credentialing, recredentialing and the granting of privileges for primary and specialty physicians plus non-physician clinicians (often called physician extenders, allied health professionals or midlevel practitioners).
Provider credentialing has been among the most difficult issues for URAC to address through its accreditation standards," notes Garry Carneal, URAC President and CEO.
We hope that The Credentialing Guide will provide a foundation for discussions about the continuing evolution of credentialing in this country.
Verifying the education, training, and experience of healthcare practitioners is one of the most time-consuming jobs for hospital medical staff offices and the professional who staff them," said Bob Croce, Group Publisher for Credentialing Resources at HCPro, Inc.
I purposely didn't do emergency credentialing,'' said Petersil, after wolfing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast.
As part of the program, veterans will be qualified, screened and trained to become "trusted agents" of IBT to enroll individuals into federally-mandated credentialing programs.