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Founded in 2010, Credibly has funded more than USD 600MM to over 16,000 SMBs, while maintaining a strong emphasis on risk management and a culture of compliance.
Since 2002, there have been strong, recurrent cries to remove all credibly accused priests from the priesthood.
New Delhi,January 30 (ANI):As Pakistan comes under renewed international pressure to respond credibly to India's demands of providing a report of the investigation carried out by them of the Mumbai attacks, media reports are suggesting that the old machinery of disinformation in Pakistan is at work to complicate the issue.
The technical input and legal interpretation involved throughout the process ensure the food industry's perspective is represented to FDA credibly and persuasively.
If you are not telling your own story, regularly and credibly, the combination of silence and the self-serving communication of others can distort the market's perception of your company in extremely inaccurate ways.
been as credibly jumbled-up on screen with the desire to get straight and put one's life in order.
media has remained way behind the curve of what could be credibly reported about gaping holes in White House claims.
At times this supposedly radical exposure could no longer credibly function.
Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has encouraged a zero-tolerance policy, removing permanently from public ministry any priest credibly proven to have sexually molested a minor; this policy has now been extended for five years.
Japanese execs realise that to compete credibly in the European market they need style and attitude in spades, which means overhauling Mitsubishi's entire design ethos.
Pyongyang has credibly insisted it is worried about its own survival -- ''credibly'' because it has watched the fall of communism and seen its hated southern neighbor become one of the top trading partners of its only remaining friend, China.
There's been a failure of the military to either conduct investigations at all, or to conduct them thoroughly and credibly," says CPJ's Joel Campagna, who monitors the Middle East and North Africa.