credit note

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Most stores don't refund after 28 days so to get a credit note was a generous offer.
Val, right, helped by her friend Jan Ormond, raffled a PS300 credit note for Val's <B wedding dress after her fiance Graham Thomas, below, died suddenly
Police in Lancashire later said they believed the same fraudster was responsible for five credit note frauds in the county and 14 other incidents of credit note fraud across Manchester, the Midlands and south-west England.
to correct a pricing error) and reduces, refunds or credits the tax payable in respect of the supply, the supplier is required to issue a GST credit note containing prescribed information unless the recipient issues a debit note (also containing the same prescribed information).
But grief-stricken Val was in no mood to go on a spending spree, so her friend Jan Ormond stepped in and suggested raf-fling the credit note.
A 1963 credit note from the Lefevre Gallery in London shows 25 works sold for EUR9,000.
We issued a letter of apology and upgraded the underlay and as final note of the customer's patience and understanding, we offered our customer a credit note to the value of pounds 55 to allow them to come to the shop and pick a rug of their choosing.
This is how one sale was advertised: "Nakheel Credit Note For Sale Dh2,500,000 to Dh4,000,000 (Discount 17 per cent)".
SOME retailers will give a refund, exchange or credit note for up to 28 days as a gesture of goodwill.
A D-DAY veteran whose holiday was cancelled because of the outbreak of the Second World War has finally been able to enjoy his trip thanks to a 71-year-old credit note.
I asked for a refund and was told it was not the shop's policy to give refunds but would give me a credit note.
Two international rating organizations upgrading Turkey's credit note said Turkish economy does not need IMF or any other foreign support.