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Through the second half of 2009, a strong secondary market built up in credit notes where an investor in a delayed project would "acquire" the property belonging to another investor, but one who has been having problems on meeting his payment installments to the developer.
Business owners who have credit notes in our system and want this amount paid, should submit relevant form available at our customer services department," said LRA chief executive Osama bin Abdulla Al Absi.
A number of Dubai-based developers, among them Nakheel and Emaar Properties, issued investors with credit notes against delayed and cancelled projects, rather than provide
Alan Burnett, principal trading standards officer, said: "Even if you don't have any legal rights to return goods, many shops will allow you to exchange goods or get a credit note so it's worth checking their policies.
A cash refund for unwanted items won't always be offered, but you may be able to request an exchange or a credit note, so it's worth acting quickly.
Ford Credit Notes will be offered to investors through broker-dealers and registered investment advisers.
Many shops will refund, exchange or give credit notes as a gesture of goodwill.
Problems when creating document templates for invoices, dunning letters and credit notes, which temporarily occurred with the old version, are things of the past.
Emaar said it lets investors use these credit notes as up-front payments for other Emaar properties that are closer to completion.
25bn worth of gift vouchers, credit notes, loyalty points and Airmiles, a survey showed.
Despite abundant evidence that market relations had created the context for cut-throat competition, rapid expansion based on credit notes and liens, a credit economy dependent upon confidence in people's abilities to pay during economic crises, and widespread bankruptcy, few critics of capitalism emerged in the young United States.
According to the companies, Sabre CentralCommand enables travel agencies and travel management companies to e-mail their clients complete or partial statements, invoices and credit notes, and it can handle accounting applications in 12 languages and multiple currencies.