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A deterioration in the European financial system "could cause some of the American financial institutions to become more conservative and limit their own balance sheet expansion, a credit squeeze that would place a limit on the American economy," Kaufman said in an interview with Reuters.
While, the credit squeeze goes on, "there is hardly any credit demand for new investment in the economy.
The value of land sales has also dropped dramatically, again reflecting the credit squeeze and the general lack of commercial confidence.
The aim of the day was to give people advice on how to beat the current credit squeeze and the benefits they could be entitled to.
Firms were asked about the impact of the credit squeeze and the slowing economy and about 80% reported each was having an effect on their business.
I called up a couple of banks to check if the so-called credit squeeze has spread to auto financing as well.
The credit squeeze would have affected all businesses and individuals and it may have taken years for economies to recover.
The subprime mortgage problems that have been observed for a long time have created a shock wave in financial institutions resulting in huge losses, and escalating credit squeeze which has turned into a deep financial crisis, the Organization said in an announcement adding that the continuing turmoil in the financial market has spread to many regions and created even more uncertainties for the world economy.
credit squeeze would impact the rest of the world, they said the question wasn't if there would be an effect but where and how much.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average also plunged Friday to a 3-month low on renewed fears about a credit squeeze.
LONDON: The credit squeeze on households and businesses looks set to intensify as lenders grow increasingly nervous over the economic outlook, a survey by the Bank of England showed yesterday.
pounds HE credit squeeze has not affected affairs of the heart in some cases.