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The creditability of Bob Pallas was put into question, about his management style and his right to make decisions, which he is absolutely entitled to do.
This transaction gives us an opportunity to win creditability in the pension-fund community," he says.
Towa wants to bolster its creditability based on a capital tie-up with Mitsubishi Estate, a big-name player in the business community, whereas Mitsubishi Estate is keen on enhancing exposure to the condominium business for families, they said.
Specifically, trends in accounting practices and subsequent audits over the last few years have shown how damage to creditability can bring down the "biggies" in an industry or profession.
Companies need to go beyond compliance and build creditability and transparency in the company's value drivers, and risk and opportunities.
22 about the creditability of publicly offered municipal bonds.
The study examines change in relation to the personal development and creditability of students as they progress through a high school in Tennessee.
Gobarkingmad did show British racing from a number of smaller NGRC venues last year, but the programming was criticized as amateurish and one of the achievements of Thomas in his time at the helm was to restore some creditability for the company in greyhound circles.
If we didn't guarantee that you could catch a record fish, our creditability would be zero.
He also said the government must complement the creditability of the JNOC to enable it to continue competing with major international oil explorers and producers.
Turkey should encourage highly regarded foreign banks to enter the economy or purchase domestic banks, which immediately would increase the credibility and creditability of the Turkish banking system because of the foreign banks' financial stability and reputation for prudence.
Gitic) -- will not damage the creditability of the Chinese financial institutions.