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The creditability of Bob Pallas was put into question, about his management style and his right to make decisions, which he is absolutely entitled to do.
More than two years ago, the party's creditability suffered when a ferry, owned by another influential member, sank in the Red Sea, with more than 1,000 people aboard.
As organisers compete for the big names to draw the crowds in, some events just won't hold the creditability and kudos of others.
We believe this move not only ensures the traceability of every incoming raw material at the pallet or drum level, but also makes sure our suppliers are working in compliance with GMP, ISO and HACCP standards, thus protecting our customers' creditability by providing high-value ingredients.
In today's competitive market, manufacturers need to maintain creditability with their buyers--the supermarkets, therefore, eliminating returns of faulty packaging is of paramount importance; returns can be a very expensive operation.
Dear Editor, Neville Boyd-Maunsell reports that Gordon Brown has announced that, in future, the Government will advertise for candidates to be members of the Bank of England committee that sets our interest rates (How Gordon has helped his creditability without advertising it, Post Business, June 15).
Shame mine came packaged in green plastic - the glass bottle it is normally served in would have given it a bit more creditability on my dinner table.
This transaction gives us an opportunity to win creditability in the pension-fund community," he says.
Specifically, trends in accounting practices and subsequent audits over the last few years have shown how damage to creditability can bring down the "biggies" in an industry or profession.
Orient wants to bolster its creditability on the strength of its tie-up with Mizuho, while Mizuho wants to expand its customer base by enticing Orient's customers into its fold, industry observers said.
The newly developed Confluence Score score uses a minimum of 42 items from the test selected as pairs that are opposites or nearly opposite to establish creditability of Test Taker (Cassel & Blackwell, 2001; DeMoulin & Walsh, 2002; and Divison Five Newsletter, 2003).
The validity of any psychological test begins with the creditability of the Test Taker.