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Price, and creditable to ourselves, we must secure to the child, or consider ourselves engaged to secure to her hereafter, as circumstances may arise, the provision of a gentlewoman, if no such establishment should offer as you are so sanguine in expecting.
They may easily get her from Portsmouth to town by the coach, under the care of any creditable person that may chance to be going.
that Miss Nickleby is a very creditable young person--a very creditable young person indeed--hem--upon my word, Madame Mantalini, it does very extraordinary credit even to your discrimination that you should have found such a very excellent, very well-behaved, very--hem--very unassuming young woman to assist in the fitting on.
My second brother is in Peru, so wealthy that with what he has sent to my father and to me he has fully repaid the portion he took with him, and has even furnished my father's hands with the means of gratifying his natural generosity, while I too have been enabled to pursue my studies in a more becoming and creditable fashion, and so to attain my present standing.
said De Wardes, "it is a highly creditable circumstance for the French nation.
On the contrary, he gained a creditable record as a student, although it is admitted that he contracted debts and had "an ungovernable passion for card-playing.
The great Percerin (for, contrary to the rule of dynasties, it was, above all, the last of the Percerins who deserved the name of Great), the great Percerin was inspired when he cut a robe for the queen, or a coat for the king; he could mount a mantle for Monsieur, the clock of a stocking for Madame; but, in spite of his supreme talent, he could never hit off anything approaching a creditable fit for M.
He is a scholarly clergyman, and creditable to the cloth.
He was asked derisively what he thought of the circumstances under which the Countess had become engaged to be married; and he made the characteristic answer, that he thought the circumstances highly creditable to both parties, and that he looked on the lady's future husband as a most enviable man.
Creede's worth, for either way it is creditable to him--to his intelligence if he had put himself, even temporarily, into contact with metropolitan culture; to his candor if he had not.
Dominguez to the request of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to reduce the creditable withholding tax on gold and other metallic mineral products sold to the BSP from five percent to one percent of gross payments - once again revived the business relationship between the BSP and the small-scale miners.
MANILA, Philippines Local miners are once again selling their gold produce to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) following the reduction in the creditable withholding tax on gold sales implemented in November last year, the Department of Finance (DOF) said.