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The many tongues of rumor were busy in exaggerating the miraculous escape of Elizabeth; and a report was generally credited, that Mohegan had actually perished in the flames.
These tidings, though but partially credited by Mr.
It did not take him more than two days and a quarter to feel that if he spoke of his own life - it seemed very far away - no one except Dan (and even Dan's belief was sorely tried) credited him.
He pretended rather absurdly to be a seaman himself and was already credited with an ill-defined and vaguely illegal enterprise in the Gulf of Mexico.
His mind--such as it was--was fixed on her trying to steal, and he credited her at once with making use of this new opportunity.
The name is that of Michael O'Neill, popularly called Prince Michael, partly because he claimed descent from ancient Fenian princes, and partly because he was credited with a plan to make himself prince president of Ireland, as the last Napoleon did of France.