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IMF intervention could lead to deterioration in the market's perception of creditworthiness if the Fund assesses public debt to be unsustainable and requires restructuring as a condition for its intervention.
A beneficiary should be able to demonstrate his or her creditworthiness.
In addition, the Water Creditworthiness Initiative will leverage the International Benchmarking Network (IBNET) platform , the largest publicly available
The C40 Creditworthiness Academy and Network will allow cities to access the capital needed to finance infrastructure projects to reduce both carbon emissions and climate risk.
It is worth noting that in this survey, the country continued in its progress, as in September 2010, the country's creditworthiness ranking advanced significantly.
This article presents a method for developing internal ratings to select among business partners of a firm on the basis of their creditworthiness evaluation.
With regard to the assessment of counterparty creditworthiness, the guidance points out the need for policies and procedures that are tailored to the risk profiles of counterparties and for internal controls that ensure actual practices conform with these policies.
To get an intuitive feel for the investment in creditworthiness model, consider a borrower's attitude in two settings--an efficient lending market that she expects to visit repeatedly versus a discriminatory market that she believes is likely to deny her credit in the future.
While the finance company will still consider your customer's creditworthiness, specialized knowledge of the industry and equipment as well as credit support from your company encourages it to support equipment loans.
Leveraging eCredable's online service, Churchill Mortgage will have access to alternative credit information like rent, utilities and insurance bills, to gain a better understanding of consumers' creditworthiness and better match borrowers to appropriate loan products.
The Foundation has provided a grant of US$1 million as seed funding for a new multi-donor trust fund to improve financial management and enhance creditworthiness of developing country cities through the Bank s City Creditworthiness Initiative.
Moody's believes that it is reasonable to assume that the EU's creditworthiness should move in line with the creditworthiness of its strongest key member states considering the significant linkages between member states and the EU, and the likelihood that the large Aaa-rated member states would likely not prioritise their commitment to backstop the EU debt obligations over servicing their own debt obligations.