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To this end, the adapted program will build on the City Creditworthiness Initiatives approaches to engaging regulators and potential
But ''it will be impossible (for banks) to complete'' the work of reconfirming the creditworthiness categories of borrowers by the release of interim results in November, FSA Commissioner Shoji Mori said at a press conference.
As soon as the norms are devised, the FSA is expected to start comparing the creditworthiness categories assigned to borrowers by the banks with the results of the FSA inspectors' evaluation, banking analysts said.
In addition to economic reform, sovereign creditworthiness in Brazil would be served by a political reform that strengthens political parties and reduces the current fragmentation of power, which would enhance the prospects for substantive public policy action.
Conversely, an unfavourable resolution of the Bancafe situation and/or unforeseen problems with other off-shore entities could pressure creditworthiness going forward.
VantageScore also leverages broader payment information to evaluate the creditworthiness of consumers with a limited credit history.
A sharp deterioration in global risk appetite could also have adverse effects on Colombia's creditworthiness because of its higher than average external financing requirements.
A smooth transition to the next government and maintenance of prudent macroeconomic policy settings after the election would also be positive for creditworthiness.
The continuity of sound macroeconomic policies through personnel changes is critical to improving sovereign creditworthiness in an emerging market economy such as Brazil,' said Roger Scher, Managing Director, Latin American Sovereigns, Fitch Ratings.
Assuming this is achieved, public and external debt ratios should continue to decline, improving creditworthiness over time.
Fitch expects that a return to normal hydro conditions would facilitate recovery of deferred energy costs and improvement to its capital structure and creditworthiness in the long term.
para]]Programme kicks off with Creditworthiness Academy in Amman, Jordan[[/para]]