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The old assumption about creditworthy borrowers having ready access to capital has changed to one of the corporate treasurer as a supplicant, pleading for a loan.
In addition to its current product line, New Penn will expand mortgage originations to creditworthy borrowers who do not fit the government agencies' underwriting criteria - for example, those seeking jumbo loans or second homebuyers and investors.
78 percent APR for creditworthy borrowers(iii), well below the average starting APR of 13.
The agencies expect all banking organizations to fulfill their fundamental role in the economy as intermediaries of credit to businesses, consumers, and other creditworthy borrowers.
These creditworthy individuals include graduating college or graduate school students entering the job market, non-US residents relocating from abroad without U.
Nonetheless, we, as regulators, will continue to review our rules and procedures to ensure that unnecessary burdens do not hinder banks' willingness to lend to creditworthy small businesses.
In addition, women entrepreneurs are as creditworthy as the typical U.
The full study is detailed in a new white paper "Finding Creditworthy Consumers in a Changing Economic Climate," which can be viewed here: http://www.
this well-located property with creditworthy tenants was purchased with the intention of a longer-term holding period.
Today's federal court settlement agreement between Edison and the California Public Utilities Commission is a workable way for Edison to become creditworthy, to remove the state from the power business, and to allow Edison to return to its core mission of delivering reliable electricity service.
DCT Industrial acquires, develops and operates high-quality, bulk distribution warehouses and light industrial properties net leased to creditworthy corporate customers.