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At the same time, however, the narrative credulously describes a meeting with ancestral spirits, and it concludes with the sudden and scientifically inexplicable death of Tsormanya -- at the hands, we are to presume, of Torhonor, the god of thunder.
Nevertheless her devotion to Loulou, however credulously excessive it may appear to the rationalist eye, enables Felicite to enjoy full communion with the Holy Ghost.
Kuhn's rhetoric incorporated a few further successful ploys, in that "paradigm" was undoubtedly a cute technical term, as technical terms go, and the phrase "normal science" had just the right hint of superciliousness towards the worker bees who are credulously doing the hard work of science.
We need not approach such literature as credulously as has Lukyn Williams in order to provide a convincing relationship to its social-historical context,(56) nor must the artificiality of this genre lead us to overpsychologize these writings into projections of Christian self-doubt as Harnack and, more recently, Olster have done.
According to Rothbard, the mainstream approach credulously accepts the concept of cardinal utility when only that of ordinal utility is defensible.
And after the Nazis were in power Freud credulously joined others in believing all sorts of stories about Hitler's alleged sexual perversities.
The episode ends with a freeze of the aloft hat, leaving at least one viewer credulously rapt.
But instead of considering the extent to which bin Laden's brazen pronouncements might serve as after-the-fact rationalizations designed to put his desperate circumstances in the best light, Holmes credulously takes them at face value.
And they did so entirely too credulously (see "Miller Brouhaha," August/September 2005, and Books, page 65).
And why did the Lincoln establishment--composed as it largely is of very smart people--so credulously swallow the revival when the evidence behind it can so easily be shown to be far from "overwhelming"?