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The skeptical editor of the local secular newspaper O Seculo editorialized with patronizing comments about the credulousness of the people gathering for the miracle.
And credulousness, in the atmosphere of those times, held the horror of terminal disease.
Cohen, who also portrays Borat, a TV host from Kazakhstan, and Bruno, an Austrian fashion reporter, specializes in pushing people's credulousness, politeness, and patience to the limit.
That story belongs to the history of intellectual credulousness.
In contrast to his credulousness toward theSandinistas, Rushdie counters every assertion Chamorro makes.
But the precedent of a manslaughter conviction for what may have amounted to nothing more than excessive credulousness is apt to give pause even to doctors who are models of thoroughness.
This has been an aid to credulousness at least since Jean-Jacques Rousseau confused the emotion of virtue with its reality.
At least since Nietzsche announced that "God is dead," intellectuals have assured one another that belief was mere credulousness.
Still, despite his occasional flaws, Shermer makes clear that virulent credulousness is more on the march in our world than virulent skepticism, and shows that his chosen profession is a valuable one.
But there can be no doubt that America's counterculture--like all utopian movements--has exacted prodigies of credulousness from its myriad adherents, fellow travelers, and promoters.
THIS CREDULOUSNESS, TOGETHER WITH the book's lack of footnotes, will lead the alert and unsympathetic reader to question the many unsourced figures that McWilliams offers in his attempt to estimate the practical costs of the war on consensual crimes.
Proposing an impossible criterion of legitimacy, one is able to indulge in credulousness as a deliberate policy, undistracted by any contact with the less edifying realities of human nature.