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A creepily symbiotic relationship develops between a professional assassin and his mark in 'Tae Killer," a modest but well-played debut by writer-director Cedric Anger that deserves sidebar exposure on the fest circuit.
The way Bob creepily follows him around starts to annoy Jesse, who says: "I can't figure it out.
And anyway, what shrink would allow a creepily enigmatic tabula rasa to live alongside her own flesh-and-blood children?
The diorama features a creepily headless and undersize deer standing on a drift of faux snow.
Spotting an old pal returned from America, the creepily elegant Bill Bule (Rupert Everett at his most arrogant), Anne suggests they invite him to a dinner party.
Jeffrey Deaver and Walter Mosley make endearing protagonist/detectives of a statistical geek and an anarchist, respectively, while John Farris goes slightly Gothic and the wonderful Joyce Carol Oates creepily spins out every mother's worst nightmare.
was decorated With a large oil painting of a Kimodo Dragon perched on a rock, its forked tongue lashing somewhat creepily behind Meyers.
Key to this is the mother/son or parent figure/child relationship, often creepily sexual, as in The Wars (1983), Double Negative (1980), Dirty Tricks (1981) and Middle Age Crazy (1980), as well as a great deal of incest, as in Explosion (1969), Blood Relatives (1978), Summer's Children (1979) and Alligator Shoes (1981).
In the creepily beautiful Melt, a fifteen-minute work presented over the summer in a Brooklyn art gallery, the audience gazed at glistening dancers who were strapped to a cement wall and literally dripping with wax--just as they seemed to dissolve, so did you.
In the days before high-tech medicine, it was a creepily common story: A grave is opened for one reason or another and found to contain a corpse with contracted limbs, torn clothing, abraded fingers, and a horrified rictus.
The January 26th cliffhanger is a stunner of psychological peril that pits astronaut Crichton (Ben Browder) against the creepily cadaverous Scorpius (Wayne Pygram).