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But given that it's voiced in a creepily emotionless way by the psycho bloke from Seven it's not easy to know if the lonely astronaut's best interests are at top of its agenda after some dodgy goings-on get uncovered at the remote lunar-base they both share.
I've commiserated with Benny, the maintenance man, about which park regular's been banned for flinging cigarette butts, and which one leers a little too creepily at women.
No need to worry then," he says creepily, hand in pocket, and I realise I'm still wearing that top.
99 I was looking forward to reading the sequel to the creepily fantastic Invisible Fiends: Mr Mumbles.
Then there are the video images of usually disembodied faces or even parts of faces--just an eye or a mouth--that register as creepily real in the same way puppets can.
He shouts at his half-brother, then goes round to Faye's and proceeds to trash the house, then acts creepily when she comes home.
Soprano Mary Phillips as the ghastly Miss Jessel was also creepily believable in tone and action.
Her creepily indifferent tone lurches from singsong ("At first our local leaders tried to zone around the madness") to flat, mundane sentences ("Some weeks, I should mention, I would live off candy bars").
An essay should be like a woman's skirt," he mused creepily.
And anyway, what shrink would allow a creepily enigmatic tabula rasa to live alongside her own flesh-and-blood children?
Spotting an old pal returned from America, the creepily elegant Bill Bule (Rupert Everett at his most arrogant), Anne suggests they invite him to a dinner party.
Jeffrey Deaver and Walter Mosley make endearing protagonist/detectives of a statistical geek and an anarchist, respectively, while John Farris goes slightly Gothic and the wonderful Joyce Carol Oates creepily spins out every mother's worst nightmare.