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In a nutshell: An odd mixture of quirk and creepiness.
In a display of patriotic fervour, or toe-curling creepiness - whatever - the girls sent a Christmas card to Her Majesty the Queen.
It's Japanese horror creepiness with a feminist subtext.
So, ADMF became Almighty Do Me a Favor, a sort of derelict prayer to get me away from creepiness.
THE silent vampire movie Nosferatu - made in 1921 and starring an unknown called Max Schreck - is a classic of creepiness.
The creepiness of what's going on in Gowdy's story is modulated in the movie by the 32-year-old Stopkewich's cool, understated handling of the material.
The work has a Martha Clarke, nightmarish creepiness to it; big quartets and quintets shake open the stage like cloudbursts.
In fact, Wired Magazine described the project as having a 'David Lynch-style of creepiness.
Frankenstein and Nosferatu There's plenty of Hallowe'en creepiness afoot in these screenings of the classic black and white chillers, Frankenstein and Nosferatu.
THE FALL BBC2, 9pm IT'S TIME for fifty shades of creepiness with the return of the hottest serial killer to have ever graced our screens.
This story is a mix of mystery, fantasy and adventure with a sprinkling of humour and creepiness thrown in together with a strong thread of friendship.