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The French drama oozes with creepiness from the doctor being stalked by a mysterious young boy to the parents faced with the return of their dearly departed daughter.
Besides the pacing, Ravenhill Asylum has an increasing push of creepiness as well as the social aspect.
The musical is the brainchild of producer Tim Flaherty who wanted to remove the creepiness of it by making the show funny.
Adding to the creepiness is that La Isla de las Munecas doesn't just feature whole dolls.
He crawled in his layout in the dark and was overcome with a sickening feeling of creepiness and motion.
BILL There's a fine line between flattery and creepiness.
Only those who have experienced neither dreaming nor waking distinguish between the two--and dreaming is the same as vision and as death," says a character in Ladislav Klima's Glorious Nemesis, a fast-paced novella, full of creepiness and mystery, that aims to disrupt every firm distinction we make between not only the real and the imaginary, but also curiosity and obsession, innocence and guilt, mental health and an unbalanced mind.
Hiddleston elevated a type of creepiness that was so evil I found myself mimicking his eerie smile whenever he got his way.
In the book, which covers more than 20 years, contains 25 pieces, and spans the globe (Tokyo, Singapore, London, his adoptive Canada), Gibson collects his eclectic nonfiction for the first time--examining "Martian jet lag" in people paid to keep an eye on the red planet, observing the pristine creepiness of Singapore ("Disneyland with the Death Penalty"), describing the wardrobe of rock band Moby Grape's guitarist and the filming of his short story Johnny Mnemonic, and reminiscing on his early life and his influences.
Following is a list of the top 10 "Creepy" celebrities in order and their percentage of creepiness.
As blogger Eric Mack observed on the CNET Blog Network, leaving the town empty will add "a splash of apocalyptic creepiness to the overall Stepford motif.
The best offering yet from the new Hammer studio, Wake Wood has genuine creepiness and fine performances from Eva Birthistle and Aiden Gillen as the couple, while Timothy Spall does his Christopher Lee in tweeds as lord of the manor.