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Werewolves and goblins of all ages will howl with delight during the creepy-crawly, fun and fit event
Chef David George Cordon serves creepy-crawly edibles at the food truck for the Focus Features film.
Small-town doctor Jeff Daniels confronts thousands of delinquent spiders in highly diverting creepy-crawly chiller.
BONUS WINNER: DEBBIE HALL, EARSHAM, SUFFOLK ACROSS DOWN 1 Italian city (6) 4 Bacterium (4) 8 Part of a jacket collar (5) 9 Enfield, British comedian (5) 10 Real (7) 13 Greek restaurant (7) 16 Proportion (5) 17 Perfect (5) 18 Fermented grape juice (4) 19 Attractive (6) 1 Small rodent (4) 2 Male relative (6) 3 Gadget for doing sums (10) 5 Work for (4) 6 Chaos, disruption (6) 7 Sparkling light with crystal drops (10) 11 Large vegetable (6) 12 Creepy-crawly (6) 14 Daze (4) 15 Stage drama (4) SOLUTION to Crossword April 14 ACROSS 1 Paso doble; 6 Curd; 7 Cartel; 9 Helsinki; 11 Abnormal; 13 Nudity; 14 Help; 15 Accompany.
We're looking forward to welcoming our furry and creepy-crawly guests, and just hope they'll be on their best behaviour during their visit.
Add to that dollops of fantasy (Germany's Horst Stenzel plays a creepy-crawly P.
Science brought a smile to this lad's face as he got to grips with a creepy-crawly.
Dr Paul Selden, an arachnid expert at the University of Manchester, was allowed special access and found the ``spider'' was in fact more crab than creepy-crawly.
The brand, called Bushtucker, will feature creepy-crawly jellies in the shape of grasshoppers, cockroaches, millipedes and witchety grubs with a liquid centre.
A range of activities, also including the young birdwatchers' club and the creepy-crawly club, have been put together for youngsters between April 5 and April 16.
GUESTS at the weekly Housebug Party theme night at the Sage Club, Berlin, have to eat a fried creepy-crawly before being allowed in.
In this case, that's the creepy-crawly creatures that populate the music business.