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CREW. Those persons who are employed in the navigation of a vessel.
     2. A vessel to be seaworthy must have a sufficient crew. 1 Caines, R. 32; 1 John. R. 184.
     3. In general, the master or captain (q.v.) has the selection of the crew. Vide Muster roll; Seaman; Ship; Shipping articles.

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This application eliminates the bulk of the crewmembers' need to contact the airline's crewing department for routine information, allowing crew schedulers to concentrate on more urgent issues.
The Trust's objective is to assist the rehabilitation and re-integration of persons with physical disabilities back into the mainstream of society by enabling them to share with the ablebodied the challenge of crewing a square-rigged vessel at sea.
Bob, who has been crewing for hot air balloons since 1992, is a member of the BFA and the Southern California Balloon Association (SCBA).