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CREW. Those persons who are employed in the navigation of a vessel.
     2. A vessel to be seaworthy must have a sufficient crew. 1 Caines, R. 32; 1 John. R. 184.
     3. In general, the master or captain (q.v.) has the selection of the crew. Vide Muster roll; Seaman; Ship; Shipping articles.

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In each section of Dave's "body," a skilled crewperson (average height: one and three-quarters inches) mans a high-tech console controlling Dave's movements.
Another instance where clients are sensitive to their treatment by a company occurs when the clients approach a crewperson or supervisor with a question or request and find that employee powerless to respond.
I remember watching a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode in which Captain Picard has a short-lived relationship with a new crewperson.