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Despite the reduction in tears, the children still cried more than average and generally had difficult temperaments.
In the strange, unsuccessful but not uninteresting ``The Man Who Cried,'' arty British filmmaker Sally Potter (``Orlando'') tries to make a universal statement about how all displaced people are united, whatever their differences, by shared trauma .
Perhaps the likes of macho Matthew Pinsent - who cried his eyes out on receiving his rowing gold medal in Athens - and good old Gazza have made crying seem more acceptable too.
Several times, the experimenter moved the toy head slightly closer to the child and repeated the performance, unless the child cried for 7 seconds straight.
ROBBIE WILLIAMS The singer's dad told journalists that when Robbie found out he was going to be a father he cried like a baby.
We had people admitting they cried at Mazuma mobile adverts, people who cried because it was raining and they'd just straightened their hair.
Those who cried in the nondepressed group rated themselves as sadder while they were watching "The Champ" clip than those who did not cry.
According to Kleenex's findings young males were more likely to have cried than older ones and among the over-50s interviewed some 63% had never seen their father cry.
The Spitz babies in the beginning cried because they were lonely and unhappy.
Parker stomped back to his room, and Emma still cried.
About 16 percent of them cried at some point during the ceremony.