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CRIER. An inferior officer of a court, whose duty it is to open and adjourn the court, when ordered by the judges; to make proclamations and obey the directions of the court in anything which concerns the administration of justice.

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Then town criers from Live" Then town criers from Liverpool, Darlington and the Midland pool, Darlington and the Midlands joined the competition before the three judges scored them on confi-dence and bearing, volume and clarity and diction and inflection.
Criers are judged on their presentation, diction, clarity, sustained volume, confidence and bearing.
Lichfield City Council is looking for a strong, colourful character to take on the mantle of its town crier and sword bearer.
A NORTHUMBERLAND market square will today ring out to the sound of the national championships for town criers.
ALCESTER town crier David Parkes is going back to school just days after being accepted into the Guild of Town Criers.
City chiefs are shouting from the rooftops after the Loyal Company of Town Criers picked the city to host next year's contest.
A WAR of words has broken out between two of Scotland's town criers.
And to celebrate, a total of 14 criers from around the UK will take to The Piazza where they will put their boldest voices to the test to sing the praises of Huddersfield heroes.
Thirty of the world's top town criers will have plenty to shout about as they battle it out to be crowned the nation's champion.
After the criers were judged on best dressed, loudest, accuracy and projection, John was handed his trophy, a traditional Scottish two-handed drinking cup.
After officially opening the new classrooms Mr Da Silva gave the children a talk about the history of town criers.
Now dressed in a bright coat, fully sequined waist jacket and a lace insert, he certainly will make a grand entrance when he officially unveils it as his standard dress at the Nantwich Town Criers contest later this summer.