criminal activity

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Probation and parole officers, as well as police officers, may search probationers' and parolees' homes and property so long as they have reasonable suspicion to believe that contraband is present or criminal activity is afoot.
He is charged with handling bank drafts totalling pounds 165,738 and IRpounds 4,000 in cash knowing the money was the proceeds of drug trafficking or other criminal activity in 1995 and 1996.
Criminal gang: A group of people following a common code of conduct, having common beliefs and identifiers, existing in a semistructured organization or hierarchy, and attempting to accomplish their goals through criminal activity.
That implies the mayor would not offer the same status to people who haven't lived, worked, paid taxes or avoided criminal activity for a long time.
Earlier this year, Lungren urged President Bush to veto the federal proposal, citing concerns that the cruises would open the door to criminal activity often associated with unregulated gambling, such as extortion, loan sharking, money laundering, prostitution, bribery and corruption.
In part, the matter is compounded by the international nature of the syndicates and their criminal activity.
The application will combine SPSS' predictive analytics with Information Builders' enterprise business intelligence capabilities, along with an innovative analytical framework developed by RTI International that uses past and current criminal activity to predict areas in which crimes are most likely to occur.
Under this act, PHAs can deny applicants occupancy under the Section 8 voucher program, as well as public housing, if they engage in drug-related criminal activity or alcohol abuse.
On the other hand, those who complain about police corruption should not ignore the devastating effect of criminal activity on the poor neighborhoods.
The Memex system is used in agencies on an international scale to counteract conventional criminal activity, including street gangs, organized crime, money laundering and high-volume crimes.
This article addresses the issue of when sufficient evidence exists to establish probable cause to search the residence of a person who has been arrested for, or is involved in, criminal activity.
In the past, residents who suspected criminal activity but wanted to remain anonymous suffered in silence - disturbed by the goings-on in their midst but unwilling to risk their personal safety to report it.