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We afterwards learned that our eccentric friend had been a lieutenant in the English navy; but having disgraced his flag by some criminal conduct in one of the principal ports on the main, he had deserted his ship, and spent many years wandering among the islands of the Pacific, until accidentally being at Nukuheva when the French took possession of the place, he had been appointed pilot of the harbour by the newly constituted authorities.
The purchase, sale and transfer of firearms along with appropriate ammunition is criminal conduct of significant public concern.
I have joined thousands of other citizens in emailing the Serious Fraud Office urging them to prosecute any wrongdoers and demand they start investigating HSBC for criminal conduct.
This is yet another case of GM's criminal conduct stealing innocent lives.
RBS Securities Japan inked a plea agreement with the government in which it accepted its criminal conduct and said it will pay a $50 million penalty, which the court approved in imposing sentence.
Its internal review concluded it was not the result of dishonesty or criminal conduct.
In granting the orders, Mr Justice Kevin Feeney deemed that the cash represented the proceeds of criminal conduct.
use technology to make criminal conduct impossible--is not new, (4) but
Some 35 letters have been sent to those living in the London borough of Southwark who have either been brought before the courts themselves or whose family members are suspected of criminal conduct during the widespread disorder and looting.
A POLICE investigation into parking enforcement in Yarm High Street has found no evidence of criminal conduct.
The Psychology of Criminal Conduct, Fifth Edition, by Donald A.
Nova Makedonija comments that the criminal conduct of the Greek activities over the years with which they "buried" their own people for a longer time to come with a debt of over 300 billion euros must have been sponsored by the EU leadership.