criminal design

See: mens rea
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I abetted and encouraged him in his criminal design.
The SC also said last year that COA head Reynaldo Villar's designation of Plaras to the CIF unit was not shown to be 'tainted with any criminal design.
to catch those engaged in criminal enterprises," and entrapment was whether the criminal design originates with the target of the investigation or instead the officials of the government.
11) The Court stated that only when government deception actually implants criminal design in the mind of a defendant does the defense of entrapment come into play.
Feige tells about the habitual criminals who too frequently interact with police, lawyers, courts, and jail--and about the unfortunate individuals who, more through circumstances than criminal design, find themselves enmeshed in a system from which it is difficult to escape.
Is this an intentional criminal design in these machines or the result of utter incompetence?
From the information we have seen (summarized above), the Ziagen falsely labeled as Combivir may be a result of somebody's incompetence or negligence; it makes less sense as a criminal design.
However, a different question is presented when criminal design originates with the officials of the Government, and they implant in the mind of an innocent person the disposition to commit the alleged offence and induce its commission in order that they may prosecute".
The discussion in the cases of whether the defendant was a willing participant, and whether the government implanted the criminal design in the defendant or created the crime(13) verge on the silly.
While it need not be established by direct evidence, the evidence therefore must be reasonably strong to show a community of criminal design.
The minority said that while the affidavits and testimonies were insufficient to convict a person under the law, 'they are fairly consistent in themselves and reflect a criminal design that should suffice for purposes of establishing probable cause.
All these acts taken together show the common criminal design of the two accused,' the court said.

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