criminal purpose

See: mens rea
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trafficked worldwide for criminal purpose, it noted.
Not for any particular criminal purpose, you understand, but just to know that the rules don't apply.
By eliminating the requirement for a shared common criminal purpose, the Appeals Chamber's majority decision, according to Justice Fisher, "dangerously expands the scope of potential JCE liability beyond the limits allowed by law".
A number of risk factors which contribute to homicides are increasing, such as gambling, nightclubs, criminal gangs, people travelling for a specific criminal purpose, drugs -- which feed the statistics for burglaries and armed robberies -- and youth crime.
Only if you planned to use the new phone for some kind of criminal purpose, like stalking or harassing someone else.
The prosecution do not say that when the first company, Classic Bloodstock, was floated the defendants had any criminal purpose in mind," said Mr Elsom.
based on the conditionality of the criminal purpose.
We trust prisoners' new skills will not be used for any criminal purpose.
If the convicted organization operated primarily for a criminal purpose or primarily by criminal means, the court should set the fine sufficiently high to divest the organization of all its assets.
In an era that purported to glorify free-market capitalism," he writes, "this story shows how the nation's financial markets were in fact corrupted from within, and subverted for criminal purpose.
Prosecutor Keith Stewart said: "The two accused had a common criminal purpose, to engage in a race and drive dangerously.
Mr Driver said: "The prosecution says Melda Wilks assisted her son to do that for a criminal purpose - to remove any forensic scientific evidence, especially blood-staining, from his clothes.