criminal purpose

See: mens rea
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According to the complaint, Alvarez was included for allegedly 'clearly incit(ing) violence and mass murder, or further in a certain way the criminal purpose of President Duterte.
He was fired from his department in February and was out on $25,000 bail and is facings charges with 50 counts of possessing child pornography and one count of using a computer for a criminal purpose - all third-degree felonies.
Jailing him, Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said he accepted Firth's account he had not used the gun or had it for any criminal purpose.
Not for any particular criminal purpose, you understand, but just to know that the rules don't apply.
Prosecutor Keith Stewart said: "The two accused had a common criminal purpose, to engage in a race and drive dangerously.
A number of risk factors which contribute to homicides are increasing, such as gambling, nightclubs, criminal gangs, people travelling for a specific criminal purpose, drugs -- which feed the statistics for burglaries and armed robberies -- and youth crime.
Only if you planned to use the new phone for some kind of criminal purpose, like stalking or harassing someone else.
23) However, the common criminal purpose element is not satisfied if alleged JCE members committed crimes for reasons of personal revenge, rather than to effectuate a criminal purpose shared with others, even when these crimes are committed systematically.
The prosecution do not say that when the first company, Classic Bloodstock, was floated the defendants had any criminal purpose in mind," said Mr Elsom.
based on the conditionality of the criminal purpose.
19) Congress did not codify the solely criminal purpose doctrine, however, and courts have split as to whether this doctrine survived the TEFRA Amendments.

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