criminal transmission

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Niemeier, "The Criminal Transmission of AIDS: A Critical Examination of Missouri's HIV-Specific Statute" (2001) 45 Saint Louis U.
40) UNAIDS urges countries that have not yet passed this type of legislation (such as Cameroun, Nigeria, Senegal, the Gambia, Cote d'Ivoire, and Liberia, (41,42) not to pass it and instead to rely on existing criminal laws to prosecute cases of willful, criminal transmission.
25, 1992, at 3D (reporting Chicago man pled guilty to aggravated sexual assault and criminal sexual assault for raping woman; criminal transmission was not added until after blood tests revealed he was HIV-positive).
162) Also, it may be possible to keep the HIV status of the defendant confidential within the criminal justice system because the defendant would be charged with an aggravated crime, not criminal transmission of HIV.
Using HIV as an aggravating factor, rather than creating the crime of criminal transmission of HIV or trying to prosecute these individuals for murder, attempted murder, and the like, is the most satisfactory prosecutorial method.
Jimenez, supra note 49, at I (reporting that HIV test result of man charged with aggravated battery was kept under seal after criminal transmission of HIV charge was dropped).
at 796; Theodore Postel, Criminal Transmission of HIV Virus, CHI.
68) If an individual tests positive, and he has committed any one of the outlined offenses, including sexual battery, incest, assault, or child abuse, he is also guilty of criminal transmission of HIV, which is a felony.
21) It did so when it wrote the criminal transmission of HIV statute, and a reading of the background of the statute's creation was inevitably infused with policy considerations that smacked of moral issues.
Lunsford and the charge of criminal transmission of HIV pursuant to a statute as yet untested in the courts.
Illinois still has the same law about the Criminal Transmission of HIV; but all prosecutors have now had our appeal to consider before bringing charges with it for the wrong reasons.
1: A person commits criminal transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus and guilty of a class B felony if the person, knowing that the person's human immunodeficiency virus status is positive, does any of the following: a.