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Either beats or cringes," said Wemmick, not at all addressing himself to me.
She was far too pretty to cringe in this way, but Peter thought it his due, and he would answer condescendingly, "It is good.
Superior men could scarcely bring themselves to tread these tortuous ways, to stoop, to cringe, and creep through the mire of these cloacas, where the presence of a fine mind only alarmed the other denizens.
Sometimes the road went through woods where maples were beginning to hang out scarlet banners; sometimes it crossed rivers on bridges that made Anne's flesh cringe with the old, half-delightful fear; sometimes it wound along a harbor shore and passed by a little cluster of weather-gray fishing huts; again it mounted to hills whence a far sweep of curving upland or misty-blue sky could be seen; but wherever it went there was much of interest to discuss.
So she gave the miserable Ramsay a look that made him cringe, and swept into her room with her head in the air.
In spite of my passionate love, I did nothing that could lower me in my own eyes; I did not cringe, I paid no court to those upon whom my fate depended, before all things I showed myself a man, and not other than I really was.
Helpless, ridiculous, confined, bobbing like a toy mandarin, you sit like a rat in a trap--you, before whom butlers cringe on solid land--and must squeak upward through a slit in your peripatetic sarcophagus to make your feeble wishes known.
How they cringe and bow to that Creole, because of her hundred thousand pounds
And for the first time in years, they didn't have to cringe when people wanted to talk about their defense.
Hugh and I both laugh and cringe at the same things.
Sometimes I cringe when I see the portrayal of rabbis on television and it's obvious it's an actor,'' Levy said.
He either made you cringe and made you think all that poetry and philosophy was a load of bull*** or it made you think he was a sensitive soul.