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But if Johnson starved he never cringed, and once when a bookseller spoke rudely to him he knocked him down with one of his own books.
She cringed under it, with averted face, moaning and chattering with fear.
There was a burst of laughter at the words, for the lieutenant's father cringed to all the powers that be; he was a man of supple intellect, accustomed to jump with every change of government, and his son took after him.
And so it was that little Tibo cringed not only from real menaces but from imaginary ones.
We lied, we cringed, we smiled with hate in our hearts, and we kept looking here, looking there for them--for the white man with hair like flame, and for her, for the woman who had broken faith, and therefore must die.
There, were some who, in pure meanness of spirit, cringed and bowed before the enriched Collegian and his family; there, were others who did so really because their eyes, accustomed to the gloom of their imprisonment and poverty, could not support the light of such bright sunshine.
Have you ever cringed with your whole body, been so filled with shame
LIAM O'NEILL admitted he cringed as a small minority of the crowd failed to observe a minute's silence prior to last Sunday's All-Ireland hurling final.
I cried, laughed and cringed when I saw last Sunday's programme.