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Here he was all softness and cringing civility; his step so light, that it scarcely produced a sound upon the thick carpets; his voice so soft that it was not audible beyond the person to whom it was addressed.
For myself, without claim, without merit, simply by chance I had been allowed to look through the half-opened door and I had seen the saddest possible desecration, the withered brightness of youth, a spirit neither made cringing nor yet dulled but as if bewildered in quivering hopelessness by gratuitous cruelty; self-confidence destroyed and, instead, a resigned recklessness, a mournful callousness (and all this simple, almost naive)--before the material and moral difficulties of the situation.
Beneath the moon Tarzan held the cringing figure upon its shaking feet.
A parasite: that is a reptile, a creeping, cringing reptile, that trieth to fatten on your infirm and sore places.
Why, I'll lay my life I've got a better glass of wine, and pay a better figure for it, and can show a handsomer service of silver, and can lay a better dinner on my mahogany, than ever they see on theirs--the cringing, sneaking, stuck-up fools.
He was equable and not cringing with his superiors, was free and ingratiating in his behavior with his equals, and was contemptuously indulgent with his inferiors.
Luker was, in every respect, such an inferior creature to the Indian-- he was so vulgar, so ugly, so cringing, and so prosy--that he is quite unworthy of being reported, at any length, in these pages.
Cringing and complaining find no favour in Indian eyes.
Under Blair and Mandelson, cringing before the rich man's frown became official policy.
She's furious, she's cringing at the thought of her life being exposed on television," Contactmusic quoted a source as saying.
His cringing performance trying to sell an anti-dandruff shampoo was voted the biggest turkey in a poll.
Madonna reduced her daughter Lourdes Ciccone to red-faced, cringing shame when the 53-yearold took to the dancefloor and started busting some moves on Saturday night.