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The black-faced cripple was glaring at me as fixedly in the bows near the puma.
Poyser, not sufficiently on her guard against a possible surprise, "she'll never marry anybody, if he isn't a Methodist and a cripple.
I was almost a cripple, and the pain I endured at intervals was agonizing.
Yes, yes,” said Hiram, with a coaxing smile and knowing nod, “but this business wants a man—not a cripple.
His value was trebled in the eyes of the king, by the fact of his being also a dwarf and a cripple.
She had had difficulties of every sort to contend with, and in addition to these distresses had been afflicted with a severe rheumatic fever, which, finally settling in her legs, had made her for the present a cripple.
This discovery, and the evident confusion which the cripple showed, made the inspector realise that the matter was serious.
What use was it for me, a wretched cripple, to go back to England or to make myself known to my old comrades?
He is admired at a distance, but he cannot come near without appearing a cripple.
But you may congratulate me now; for I find it very agreeable to HAVE a parish all to myself, with nobody to interfere with me--to thwart my plans or cripple my exertions: and besides, I have a respectable house in a rather pleasant neighbourhood, and three hundred pounds a year; and, in fact, I have nothing but solitude to complain of, and nothing but a companion to wish for.
Like a cripple become deaf, and blind, and dumb--thus have I lived long; that I might not live with the power-rabble, the scribe-rabble, and the pleasure-rabble.
He'll need somebody--a hopeless cripple, and stone deaf with that.