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Financial bias, apathy, and scientific ignorance have resulted in most Americans failing to protect themselves against today's leading crippler and killer .
BURNING WITCH Crippler Lucifer (Southern Lord)--Collection of out of print EPs/split releases (mostly out-of-print vinyl), and don't confuse this with the Crippled Lucifer album from 98.
99 plastic toy doll can even do his trademark Crippler Crossface move - which the psycho sportsman used to kill his seven year-old child.
Police believe that the wrestler - branded the Canadian Crippler - used the deadly ring technique to kill seven-year-old Daniel.
M) It's 1954, and Jesse's mom is terrified of polio, the great crippler of children.
As a medical student, I recall the banners floating over Canal Street in New Orleans advertising cures for the "great crippler," ie, gonorrheal arthritis which could be treated with the sulfonamides.