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More than holding her own in a stand-out cast that included Jean Boht as Ma Boswell and future film director Peter Howitt as her cool brother, Joey, Gilly was instantly recognisable with her shock of flame red hair, outrageous stockings and short skirts, and cripplingly high heels.
The king, an addict of the cripplingly expensive princely fashion for imported Chinese and Japanese porcelain, was short of cash.
The fact that nuclear power is against Australian law, deeply unpopular and cripplingly expensive has not deterred a flood of media reports, newspaper editorials and post-dinner speeches urging the use of this controversial and contaminating technology.
Any assessment of the choice of objects, their significance, how they were made and used, or the artistic and cultural influences that they display is cripplingly restricted.
Council tax bills are cripplingly high, and town halls must change their ways to bring the bill down.
But with cripplingly high prices, the need for a viable and cost-effective alternative is urgent.
Hersh is cripplingly shy yet brutally emotional and honest in her lyrics and performances.
It is not a free system, but because it is linked to the Sainsbury's credit rating, it is not cripplingly expensive either.
As the Lifetime Network's ``Life Is Not a Fairy Tale'' told it last summer, Fantasia was a teen-age single mother who endured sexual assault, illiteracy and cripplingly low self-esteem before ``Idol'' launched her onto the charts.
55-second 40-yard dash after the workout, a cripplingly slow time for a receiver.
The film is cripplingly funny and in many ways more audacious than Being John Malkovich, even if Jonze and Kaufman's talents are less seamlessly integrated this time around.