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We also see this evolution as a natural fit with our Pure Digital Cinema(R) technology providing the crispest, clearest motion picture technology currently available.
We awoke bathed in sunshine to the finest, crispest, clearest of days and at last had the full pleasure of the views we had missed, having arrived in darkness the afternoon before.
7 inch screen and 200 dpi resolution, which provides some of the crispest and sharpest images ever seen on an E Ink-powered device.
Our new lineup is indicative of Panasonic's commitment to providing the broadest range of displays that deliver the crispest and clearest pictures available to meet the widest range of professional applications.
The Electric Six morph suddenly into a kind of Blondie/Black Flag hybrid that takes the campest, crispest disco rhythms and blends them with a sonic insult that is somehow so uncool it's cool; so hackneyed it's vibrant; so bad it's brilliant.
The crispest passer the team has produced in 20 years.
Samsung's MP3 player collection seeks to connect users to their digital content in the crispest and most intuitive ways possible.
Our fourth-generation digital frame is the crispest and brightest PhotoVu yet," said Mark Van Buskirk, Partner, PhotoVu.
Rovers passing wasn't always the crispest, but then, all they had to was knock it to Duff and watch him spread panic.
Top Gear Rally was the first game exclusive to the Game Boy Color and it features the cleanest, crispest graphics ever to be seen on the machine.
For crispest crusts on all the loaves except Tropical Banana Quick Bread, let bread cool, then reheat on a rack in a 350 [degrees] oven for 5 to 10 minutes.