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Combined with a brightness of 500 nits the LG 84WS offers a platform with the crispest of content reproduction and when paired with the NDiS B533 4K digital signage player users have got a truly spectacular signage solution that will wow any viewer.
It was a belter too, a misdirected header from Ricky Evans falling to the edge of the box where Edwards netted with the crispest of volleys.
com), This aluminum, closed-reed, bite-down call has been hand-tuned to replicate the clearest, crispest cow calls produced in nature and leaves your hands free for more important tasks, such as setting up for that perfect shot opportunity
Some of the worldOs best astronomical science is conducted here, thanks to the dry atmosphere, lack of light pollution and high altitude revealing some of the crispest, clearest skies in the world.
Today, they are being designed into new applications as varied as providing the crispest, clearest audio in mobile communications and adding localized weather/environmental monitoring capabilities to consumers mobile devices.
Ruthlessly edit away the generalities, and tenaciously focus on the crispest, clearest, most specific promise you could possibly hold out.
The crispest crusts are those baked right on a hot baking stone, having been transferred there from a pizza peel (see Page 24 for our recommended pizza products).
A study by an independent product testing and certification organization found Bloc-It creates the cleanest, crispest edges on painted drywall surfaces, probably the most common wall surface in homes today.
This is the ultimate conclusion to the trilogy timeline and is delivered via an epic, cinematic storyline and some of the crispest visuals seen in a shooter to date.
Even the crispest emblems in Blow-Up pose heuristic problems.
It wasn't exactly our crispest day, but we're coming off three days off, so we got to shake the rust off a bit.
Here you are served the crispest, freshest, tastiest salads imaginable with generous portions to boot.