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A proposal body that backs up the claims of the executive summary crisply and without technobabble
There's a twisted wedding and a palace rebellion, and of course the squares are initiated into pansexual pleasure, all to the beat of O'Brien's infectious score, crisply played by a five-piece real rock band.
Dixon makes good use of occasional charts and tables and writes cleanly and crisply.
He crisply and clearly describes how corporate-bankrolled lobbyists stifled reform in the first Clinton administration while liberals spent their time beating up on the president for his timidity.
When the nurse of those times was finally able to retire for the evening to wherever she slept, she had to make sure she had a clean, white, crisply ironed uniform dress and cap to wear the next day.
In essence, it allows engineers to specify the degree to which something occurs--how hot it may be outside or how rapidly a motor should turn -- without setting a particular threshold value for crisply separating "warm" from "hot" or "moderate" from "fast.
The arches rise above crisply detailed Tuscan columns with plenty of built-in storage under them.
The advantages and disadvantages of contracts are spelled out; specific provisions of contracts are crisply identified.
The on-loan Leicester striker had only been on the pitch six minutes when John Miles provided the assist for Kee to finish crisply from ten yards.
Crisply written the stories deliver as much gore as horror but watching weird people lose weight in bloody increments requires a per-verse taste for the macabre not to mention a strong stomach.
The society's crisply refreshing Chilean Sauvignon Blanc 2008 (pounds 6.
Harvest the pods when they are large enough and snap crisply in half.