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Examples are crisply presented and described, including the book as a document, as sculpted form, and as a computer creation.
Combined with the short, crisply written chapter-essays, they make Narnia Beckons an irresistible page turner and a book that can be satisfyingly sampled piecemeal: just jump in at any point in the volume and you will be richly rewarded.
59WONDERFULLY creamy sauce, delicious poured over organic spaghetti which has been springly with crisply grilled smoked bacon and parma ham Morrisons, Carbonara Sauce 350g, pounds 1.
During the first half Rooney raced to the byline to clip in a cross which Steven Schumacher headed back for Craig Garside to crisply finish.
The beltlines crisply delineate the upper and lower body sections, and combine with the panel curvature to add tension to the surprisingly plain sides.
A proposal body that backs up the claims of the executive summary crisply and without technobabble
Although the prose is easy, the images are crisply evoked.
In just 200 well-paced, crisply written pages that you might be tempted to consume in one sitting, Pulley's tells this compelling story, fully contextualized with critical business and personal details.
Insightful and crisply written, with practical advice to make the vision a reality in the woods, this is an important book for foresters, large and small forest owners, and anyone concerned about the forests of the future.
An amusing send-up of stereotypes that also affirms a few along the way, Straight In the Face is a crisply paced, witty entertainment.
The early morning brings out men in their business attire, including suit jacket, crisply ironed shirt, tie, knee-high socks, dress shoes, and Bermuda shorts.
Fernando Morientes layed the ball neatly into his path and Gerrard sidefooted the ball crisply past Gerard Doherty.