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Generous, meaty and well seasoned with just the right amount of crispness, Super Chik'n[R] can be prepared in the fryer, oven or microwave while maintaining all of its flavor and crispness.
Our design transformed a narrow setting with minimal natural light into an uplifting environment of open space and brightness," states AGA principal and founder Amie Gross (AIA), "and the combination of warm colors and materials with the crispness of plastic and metal creates a compelling contrast.
A pleasing crispness, it can be enjoyed on its own or with a meal.
After cooking, plunge asparagus into ice water to retain crispness and bright green color.
You could see a picture of a McIntosh, read about its slightly acid tartness, its hard crispness when fresh, the glossy smoothness of its skin, the little "crack" it gives when you first bite into it.
Incredibly versatile, it supports other flavors and offers a contrasting texture to the crispness of salad ingredients.
They lend the beer a subtle, sweet floral aroma that is balanced by the crispness of the noble hopes.
Braeburns, prized for their crispness and sweet taste, are usually imported from France or New Zealand.
Light caramel and fresh apple flavors with a good streak of crispness.
Allied Domecq Wines offers several new wine releases including three form California comes Callaway 2001 Chenin Blanc ($7), said to offer tropical crispness and slightly sweet finish, 2000 Chardonnay ($9), with restrained oak and bright fruit flavors; and the 2000 Sauvignon Blanc ($8), with hints of nectarine, citrus and melon.
Whitfield's British accent provides a military crispness and adds an air of realism.
Love Is a Catastrophe" explores the swirling atmospherics of late-'80s Cure and serves as an interesting contrast to the crispness of "Home and Dry," but in its self-pity the song Just .