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50 and for two hours you can gorge yourself on crisps, along with dips and unlimited bread and butter for a crisp sandwich.
The three finalists will each receive a year's supply of their favourite Seabrook Crisps crinkle cut flavour, which is a whopping 384 packets of crisps in total.
Available in French Vanilla, Devils Food, Carrot Cake and Lemon Snow (lemon and coconut) varieties, Batter Crisps are packaged in a 6-ounce gusseted bag with a suggested retail price of$3.
Newcastle Sheffield in See They were initially made at Tudor 's Sunderland factory before it was purchased by Smiths Crisps in 1961.
These delicious crisps are baked with skins on for added taste and fibre.
The new summer bia menu launched last week includes the new crisp sambo, which is available on short-haul flights, including European destinations.
An ounce serving of veggie crisps contains 134 calories and 6.
HOW TO CLAIM Cut out the voucher on the right and take it along to any participating retailer to claim one free six-pack of Seabrook Crisps.
Geraint Hughes, co-founder of Jones O Gymru crisps, said: "Coming from a farming background and working as a farming consultant I have close relationships with people in the farming industry.
The event was part of the Walkers Fresh Hot Crisp Tour, which has also visited Gateshead's Asda store and Tesco in Kingston Park, Newcastle, over the last few days.
uk noodles with Tucking into crisps may not sound like a good idea if you are working on your beach body ready for the better weather but Welsh crisp company Real have launched a bag that contains just 83 calories.