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Intake specialists at CrissCross are available by phone, from 8:00 a.
The compassionate and knowledgeable caseworkers at CrissCross, partner with families to provide the following resources:
With nearly 9 million Americans deemed unable or unfit to handle their own personal finances, and with that number expected to quickly grow over the next few years, we are excited to do our part to help ensure the future success of the overall representative payee program," said Amie Darway, executive director for CrissCross.
The CrissCross bristles reach deep between teeth and along the gum line to lift and sweep away plaque, while the rotating PowerHead effectively surrounds teeth to loosen and whisk away plaque from surfaces and hard-to-reach back teeth.
In Ram the dancers rhythmic vocalizing propels them to crisscross the stage.
Okwui Enwezor, artistic director of Documenta 11, and his cocur-ators (Carlos Basualdo, Ute Meta Bauer, Susanne Ghez, Sarat Maharaj, Mark Nash, and Octavio Zaya) have found a new way to make their voices heard, turning Documenta into a series of events that will crisscross the globe for over a year before settling in Kassel, Germany, the show's traditional host city, in June 2002.
When the lights rise, men and women, costumed timelessly in swathes of green and blue cotton, crisscross the stage, vigorously manipulating large pieces of fabric.
Three years of fragmented efforts to link key applications one by one, followed by a proliferation of enterprise portals that crisscross various back-end data sources, have left users with an unnecessarily complex and costly e-Business architecture," says report author Wayne T.
Planetary scientists have known since the 1970s, thanks to images taken by the Mariner 9 and Viking Orbiter spacecraft, that dried-up channels crisscross much of the Martian surface.
the largest specialty retailer of nutritional supplements, today announced that local franchise operator Dennis Clark will be honored with the Highest 2001 Sales Award in the Phoenix market as GNC executives crisscross the country holding annual meetings with franchisees.