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Add a hairnet in your hair color over the bun, and by inserting some twisted hairpins or crisscrossed bobby pins around the knob for added security.
Their quest echoes that of the 1960s Freedom Ride, in which Northerners crisscrossed the South to expose the injustice of segregation, said the Rev.
Answers could come from more detailed studies of the seismic waves that crisscrossed the globe after the March quake, says Wiens.
In "Flying Turtles," tilting their torsos forward, their weighted arms undulating to the side, the dancers crisscrossed the stage conveying images of cumbersome grace and wit inspired by the music.
2-acre slice of property where 30 triplexes would be built sits across from hundreds of acres of open space crisscrossed by horse and foot trails near the Santa Susana Mountains as well as the freeway.
First, the team deposited one phosphor component on the silicon in columns, then crisscrossed it with rows of another component.
Secret Service agents quickly sealed off the entire area and fighter jets crisscrossed the skies on the lookout for the expected terrorist attack.
A stack of crisscrossed rods is the kind of structure one can readily imagine building out of pencils or soda straws.
Outside the center, pink, yellow and purple lanterns crisscrossed the stage used by the dancers and other performers.
This month, the youngsters have been welcoming back their stuffed animals, some of whom have crisscrossed the globe several times over.
At night, when it was nearly useless to search on foot, AC-130 helicopters crisscrossed the swamp, searching for Taylor with heat-seeking, infrared tracking systems.