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It's time for better, faster transportation: a massive fleet of fast, less-polluting buses, crisscrossing traffic arteries freed from automotive plaque.
Domicio's installation faces the CCSP's large atrium space, filled with mezzanines and crisscrossing ramps cast in stained concrete, which, despite their grandiloquence, seem strangely to compound our loss of equipoise here.
For the next 13 years, Fischer was a nomad, crisscrossing the country in silver trailers, chasing the next one-night.
Mounted all together, they practiced patterns riding side by side, crisscrossing the ring as Shaw and her dancers improvised alongside.
drilled crisscrossing holes into a solid slab of an electrically insulating material to produce an array of cavities that prevent microwaves of a certain narrow frequency range from penetrating the structure (SN: 11/2/91, p.
The Grosclaudes used a product called Modulog because, they said, its corner system created the classic look of crisscrossing logs, much like the corners of Lincoln Logs.
Some of those works have metal springs and wires crisscrossing the drawer as if to simulate the network of meridians, and images grafted on the surface of the wax, such as a drawing of an arm made after Leonardo da Vinci.
With 4,083 square miles in Los Angeles County, getting to work, school and entertainment hot spots leaves us crisscrossing the area's dizzying freeway network and jamming city streets to get out and about.
He gives wonderful weight and plasticity to the dance's folk motifs, playing with variations of speed and dynamics in rapid crisscrossing changements in turned-in Fourth Position, echoed by scissoring arms; slower attitude turns; little bent-kneed walks with hands held in prayer position; and sudden blurs of chaine turns.