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Criterion, which has 280 active catalog titles and plans to add three to four new releases each month through 2010, is widely credited with creating the standard for DVD bonus features and audio commentaries.
Analysis of the development of the two sub-groups, the Science group and the Health and Behavioral Science (HBSc) group, was carried out on two issues: the difference between time1 and time2 in each criterion area for both the Science and the HBSc sub-groups and the difference between the rate of development for the Science group as opposed to the HBSc group.
This requirement accounts in whole or in part for 54% of the non-compliance, even using the most lenient possible interpretation of the criterion ("at least one person").
Cost as a selection criterion has certainly changed markedly, as the practice of aggregating titles has grown and as deal making has correspondingly increased.
This means, for example, that if an organization's mailing includes both a solicitation and a pamphlet that otherwise would be considered a program piece, and the mailing does not meet the audience criterion, the mailing's entire cost, including the program pamphlet, should be charged to fundraising.
And now the Criterion Collection has jumped into the DVD market by turning the films in its special-edition library into DVDs.
One could argue that this criterion, which is listed first, by the way, is too often violated by Web designers.
The third criterion recognizes continuing debtor commitment to repay the loan is a factor in determining whether an in-substance foreclosure has occurred.
Criterion is pleased to start our expansion in the Austin and Texas markets with this transaction, and we are actively seeking other developments in Texas," said Criterion President and Principal, Pretlow Riddick.
Criterion is pleased to expand our presence in the Boston Market with this transaction, and we are actively seeking additional investments here and in other markets," said Criterion President and Principal, Pretlow Riddick.
Faculty and administrators can now make the Criterion service available to students in two ways: they can make an institutional purchase for student subscriptions, or they can specify that students purchase a semester-long subscription through the campus bookstore as part of a course requirement.
ETS is honored to accept an award from such a prestigious publication, and we are thrilled that the Criterion service is generating the excitement we believe it deserves," says Deloris Flint, Executive Director of Product Development for ETS's Elementary & Secondary Education Division.