critical appraisal

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The third section defines the activity of critical appraisal and introduces the readers to existing tools/checklists designed to achieve this task.
Interpreting scientific data can be a formidable chore that discourages objective, critical appraisals of the literature.
The basic purpose of the Point/ Counterpoint section remains the same: to encourage critical appraisal of alternative views on controversial issues related to social work education.
Nursing research in Canada : methods, critical appraisal, and utilization.
Student mastery of evidence-based concepts and their ability to apply critical appraisal skills to a real patient problem has dramatically increased, reinforcing the paradigm shift occurring in medicine to evidence-based practice.
Now in a revised edition, Strategies of Containment: A Critical Appraisal of American National Security Policy During the Cold War is a revised and expanded edition of Bancroft Prize winner and Cold War expert John Lewis Gaddis' classic on understanding the history of containment as a policy, its role in bringing the Cold War to an end, and its possible value or pitfalls in the future.
The aim of this article is to locate this model in the framework of the general debate on Jewish-Palestinian relations in Israel, and to offer a critical appraisal.
I do think, however, that, with the possible exception of the most recent work, the critical appraisal of the art surveyed in Part II is ready for a second if not a third draft.
The first tenet suggests that if appraisal processes operate as a system, a systems perspective must be applied to identify the critical appraisal system components and stages to make sure that organizational procedures and practices work in harmony.
But this surplus presents the nation with a powerful opportunity that is slipping away, an opportunity to outline a national vision of the common good, an opportunity for an honest and critical appraisal of how the nation's scarce resources might be best invested so that all benefit--not just specific clamoring constituencies.
Consequently, when its accomplished chef is assigned to a sister hotel's almost equally celebrated restaurant, and a new, young replacement moves into the kitchen, it's time for some critical appraisal.
Looking Backward: A Critical Appraisal of Communitarian Thought, by Derek L.

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